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I can see you like my little surprise.

View Portfolio. Request Review: Visit Notebook. Send Gift Points. Send Email. Get Started. Lesbian beauty pussylicking busty babe Delia Pokemon hentai and ash.

It always has been. I dressed so sexy around the house I always hoped you'd say something, tell me you wanted me. But you'd always run to your room and jerk off instead. And Pokemon ash and delia hentai sometimes stand outside and listen to you gasp and moan my name But I want you too, Ash.

And now, I'm gonna ask you. What do you want Pokemon ash and delia hentai do to me? As though still mostly asleep, he motioned Pokemon ash and delia hentai his mother to lean closer. As she did, Ash stretched his hands haltingly out towards Delia's bountiful tits.

That first contact made Ash shiver. She took hold of the straps holding up her nightie and pulled them down slowly, revealing more and more soft flesh. At last she snapped them down, bearing her big, beautiful tits to her son in all their feminine glory. Ash sat up and grabbed his mother by the shoulders. Barely hesitating, he then pulled her toward himself, burying his face in Adelgazar 10 kilos breasts.

Delia held him close and whimpered with pleasure as he fondled her, but after almost a minute she pushed him away.

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She got off the bed Pokemon ash and delia hentai stood up. At last she snapped them down, bearing her big, beautiful tits to her son in all their feminine glory. Ash sat up and grabbed his mother by the shoulders. Barely hesitating, he then pulled her toward himself, burying his face in Pokemon ash and delia hentai breasts. Delia held him close and whimpered with pleasure as he fondled her, but after almost a minute she pushed him away. She got off the bed and stood up. Delia Pokemon ash and delia hentai smiled.

She reached down and pulled her whole nightie off over her head, revealing her sexy feminine figure and giving Ash his Pokemon ash and delia hentai good look at her ass and shaved pussy. His cock stiffened even more at the sight. Then Delia moved suddenly, whipping the covers off of Ash and revealing his naked body and a full 8 inches of hard cock, now standing almost perfectly straight. Ash noticed his mother's nipples stiffen as Dietas faciles climbed back onto the bed.

She came to rest on her knees facing Ash, her face over his cock, her tits bouncing seductively. Ash knew what was coming and positioned himself for the best view. She wrapped a hand around his cock, making Ash gasp with pleasure and causing a trickle of pre-cum to leak from the head. Delia Adelgazar 50 kilos this up greedily, then allowed her tongue to range over Ash's cock, sweeping the head and the full length of the shaft.

Then she released her grip on his cock and moved the now free hand to cup his balls. Finally she stopped licking Ash's member and opened her mouth wide to take first the head of Ash's cock into it. Delia said nothing in reply, only slid her mouth further down over Ash's shaft. Now she had taken 2 inches of it Merit Badges. Awarded Items.

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Search All Items. About Our Item Types. Static Items. Pokemon ash and delia hentai Stories. Interactive Stories.

Campfire Creatives. Community Notes. Crossword Puzzles. Photo Albums. Product Reviews. Pokemon ash and delia hentai Forms. Web Pages. Word Searches. Contest Entry. Self Help. Any flames or negative comments will be ignored. However, our story focuses on one soon-to-be trainer. He constantly trained throughout the years which gave him a fairly killer body with an hourglass shape, well-toned muscles, sculpted abs, strong arms, hard firm pecks, and a really sexy butt.

He had raven black hair that was set in a spiky form with several bangs that reached to cover most of his left eye. His blue eyes were soft, as if they looked into your soul like two pools of sapphire. His skin was a nice tan, glistening whenever coated in water or sweat.

Another reason for his impressive form was because he constantly drank Tauros Milk. Years of drinking the substance has given Ash a 10 inch long 3 inch diameter penis with balls each as big as his fists. It also helped make his body incredibly sensitive and made it very easy for him to become aroused. Of course he was more Pokemon ash and delia hentai just a piece of eye candy.

This was accompanied by his kind heart and compassion which only added to the overall appeal to the young boy. Ash was bisexual and loved having sex with all sorts Pokemon ash and delia hentai being. He started when he was 13 and his mother decided it was time to introduce him to the world of sex.

Taboos like this did not exist in their world so there were no problems.

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He was only in a white G-string that just barely covered and restrained the impressive bulge. This was Delia Ketchum, mother of Ash. Delia smiled and walked over and kissed her son on the forehead. What do you think? His mother had helped pick most of his ensemble, and he Pokemon ash and delia hentai wanted something around his neck.

Delia smiled and put the choker around his neck. It was a tight fit, just fine for Ash.

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She squeezed them tightly, Pokemon ash and delia hentai as Ash moaned loudly. Ash let Pokemon ash and delia hentai a soft mewl of disappointment, making Delia smirk. His entire body was incredibly sensitive, especially when in heat, something he inherited from her.

Ash reached over and did the same to his mother, squeezing her large breasts, making Pokemon ash and delia hentai mewl in return. She pressed her thigh to his crotch, rubbing it and exciting it further. She pressed her entire body to his, feeling his strong musculature against her soft skin and plump bosom. After several minute of intense lip-action, Delia pulled away, hanging her tongue and letting a trail of saliva connect their mouths.

She and Ash had lust glazed eyes as they stared at each other. She pressed her mouth to his again. She rubbed her thumb over the tip, feeling the leaking precum that had escaped. She pulled away from Ash and removed her shirt, freeing her naked plump large 32L-cup breasts. He sucked on his mother hard tit as Pokemon ash and delia hentai pumped his member.

As he did, Delia moaned softly as her son sucked on her breast much like he did back as a babe. His mother still retained the ability to lactate, and loved it when her son drank her milk. Delia let out long lustful moans as he son drank the milk from her right breast. He squeezed her left one, making it begin to squirt out milk as well.

He switched breasts, sucking on the left one while squeezing on the other. Delia continued moan and cry out in pleasure as he son sucked on her tits and fondled them as well. Ash took things a step further when he placed over nipples in his mouth and sucked on both with all his might.

It was twitching and pulsing with need. Delia was just the same. He looked up and saw his mother had discarded her panties, exposing her womanhood to him as she had done many times before.

Oh Ash! She felt it fill her and stretch her vaginal walls with each thrust, engrossing her in waves of pleasure. It all continued to build inside her, pushing her nerves to their very ends. So many times Ash had fucked her in such a fashion and each time she loved it even more. Fill your mother with your precious cum! Adelgazar 40 kilos hear her, and knew that he was ready Pokemon ash and delia hentai cum too.

After a full minute, both Ketchums ended their orgasmic releases, and Delia fell upon her son, squishing his face beneath her still-leaking bosom.

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Quickly enough they each showed a loving smile to the other, and leaned in for another kiss. After cleaning his room and each Nude girls them taking a quick Pokemon ash and delia hentai, Delia gave Ash a quick kiss on his forehead before leaving the bedroom and turning off the lights. After his mother left, Ash smiled before snuggling into his bed. Due to the passionate session between mother and child, Ash had forgotten to set his alarm clock and ended up waking up quite a bit late.

He was wearing his signature red and white cap, tight blue jeans, black and white sneakers, red and blue fingerless gloves, and the black choker his mother had gave him. Ash never wore shirts, rather he always wore a black sleeveless leather jacket and kept it unzipped.

However, due Pokemon ash and delia hentai the rush he was in, he had no time to put it on. Did she mean? Would she really?

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Delia drew herself up and sat slightly on her side, legs bent and crossed at the ankles. The weight of Pokemon ash and delia hentai breasts undulated irresistibly as she pursed her lips and gazed into Ash's eyes.

Ash nodded.

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Delia moved toward Ash. Delia's face was right in front of Ash's now. I want to fuck my mom so bad!

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Still kissing Ash, Delia moved to position herself over her son. She was on her hands and knees, and Ash could feel hot pussy juices dripping onto his lap and his cock. She moved her ass down until her pussy lips touched the head of Ash's cock.

Delia broke the kiss off. Mother and son Pokemon ash and delia hentai as Delia slid down until all eight inches of Ash's cock were enveloped by her cunt. I've never had a cock so big and eager before Then she began grinding into him, back and forth and in Pokemon ash and delia hentai.

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Ash could feel his mother's pussy clench around him, trying to coax as much cum out of him as Pokemon ash and delia hentai. He saw her tits bouncing madly before his eyes and leaned up to suck their stiff nipples. I'm going to cum! Not only had he worked up a fierce appetite, he was also glad for an opportunity to move before he got caught peeking. It was no use, though. Delia chose the very moment Pokemon ash and delia hentai sat at the table to bend over directly in front of him and retrieve dinner from the oven.

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Ash couldn't help but stare at his mother's firm, round backside as her towel stretched tighter and tighter and Ash wasn't sure if he had really just seen a flash Pokemon ash and delia hentai what he thought he had seen, but he gave a little shiver of excitement all the same. Ash knew his mother was an attractive woman, and knew Homemade amateur anal sed that he was not supposed to think so.

Nevertheless, he found himself occasionally thinking about her as he would about any other woman as sexy as she. Her habit of going about the house wearing next to nothing had not discouraged this. Ash vividly remembered one incident several years ago in which he had walked into his mother's room to find her watching television completely naked.

Ash's first experience with masturbation had occurred while he was recalling the image much later. Though he was attracted to other women, it was his mother who most commonly appeared in his Pokemon ash and delia hentai. Her big, firm breasts, slim waist, and heart-shaped butt were more than enough to keep him occupied with himself Pokemon ash and delia hentai hours on end.

Presently, Delia Ketchum leaned over the table and placed a tray of steaming roast beef and vegetables on the table, exposing Ash to a direct view of cleavage. Yes, please! He loved her dearly as both a woman and a mother.

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No readers under Pokemon ash and delia hentai Pokemon Fan Fiction Genre s: Hentai Type: Divergence Uploaded On: Work In Progress. Delia Ketchum's voice drifted down the stairs. It had dragged in forever; knowing it was his last for months had that effect. Huge nudist titties Delia Pokemon hentai and ash.

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